Prediction Painting by Eleonora Taranova Art - Jose Art Gallery
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Prediction. It was finished on the 22nd of February. And it was abandoned wet on the easel. Created intuitively, with a global premonition of something incredible, this abstract portrait of a horse evokes a sense of magic and mystery. The silhouette of the horse's head is manifested by indistinct dark contours. It is as if the horse is watching you and wants to tell you something, to warn you about something. You try to walk away, but those eyes won't let you go, and wherever you are, you can feel its gaze. Yes, I felt something. So the last painting in the peaceful life is called Prediction. The painting was sold at the latest exhibition of Ukrainian artists in Copenhagen, From Ukraine with Love. The exact copy of it is impossible.

Description of the Painting "Prediction":

Materials oil/canvas
Size45 W × 55 H × 2 D   cm
Year of creation2022
Genre Animal
Style Expressionism
The artwork has been sold
Eleonora Taranova Art
From Eleonora Taranova Art , Denmark
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