Magic lamp. Oil painting Painting by Olena Britova
Magic lamp. Oil painting Painting by Olena Britova
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Magic lamp. Oil painting

Olena BritovaPortugal
Original artwork, 30×24 cm, 2022
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Characteristics of the Painting “Magic lamp. Oil painting”

Year of creation2022
Dimensions30 W × 24 H × 1.5 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Stylefine art
Materialsoil, canvas

Description of the Artwork “Magic lamp. Oil painting”

Oil painting on canvas board. 24x30 cm, 9.6x12 inches. This original oil painting is in one copy. Please contact me for all your questions and needs. _________________________________ I have more than 20 years experience in oil painting. I accept orders for oil painting on canvas, portrait from photo. I ship worldwide by registered mail. Professional portraits out of photo, oil painting on canvas. Accepting orders, no down payment, shipping worldwide by registered mail. High quality. I'm from Ukraine, live in Portugal. My shop is my small business, it is important for my family. I working for you. I will be glad to new orders. Page on instagram: ♥ Thanks very much for viewing my art. Sincerely Lena Britova, the artist

About the artist
Olena Britova

Olena Britova, Portugal

Turn your love into an oil painting! I am Lena (b. 1974, Ukraine), a self-taught artist living in Portugal. I graduated from the university with a degree in accounting and economics, however, it turned out that there is too little creativity in my profession, but a lot of mathematics. I got disappointed and immersed myself in painting. I have enjoyed more than 20 years experience in oil painting. My creative production revolves around realism, a person, and emotions, as I am fascinated by the human face and various emotions that a person is experiencing internally. My art is mostly inspired by the spiritual practice of meditation and my personal experiences and views on society. I am an artist who paints peace and strives to spread the message of self-love through art. I only use oil paint. I'm in continuous search for styles and approaches which can reflect my true self and I enjoy striving for the excellence. I am grateful and blessed to be able to paint. When I sell my paintings to others, I am happy because we set off on a journey through space and time. I send a part of myself my love and passion into eternity, no matter how short or long it may be. I can give power of my soul to you and the world and leave my energetic trace. Thank you very much for viewing my art. Sincerely yours, Lena Britova, the artist

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