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Your path is illuminated Painting by Mansur Boybekov
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Your path is illuminated

« Your path is illuminated » by Mansur Boybekov Impact on health and mood. Processing of visual information takes up to 90% of the total brain power. No wonder the color has such a strong impact on health and mood. There is even a treatment with flowers - color therapy. In the painting “Your path is illuminated,” I used colors and shapes that most positively influence a person. The main color of the picture is dark blue. This color is famous for its ability to soothe the human nervous system. This is what is so necessary after a long day of work full of stress! Red in combination with blue gives purple, which further enhances the soothing properties. The yellow color occupying the central part of the picture is designed to improve the mood and structure the thoughts, freeing the mind from all that is superfluous. After all, after a busy day full of surprises and anxieties, our mind is just full of all sorts of unnecessary thoughts. The picture "Your path is illuminated" is recommended to hang in the room in which you most often relax. Enjoy the contemplation of the painting “Your path is illuminated” and be always calm! . An Idea. We all know that knowledge sanctifies the darkness in our path. But knowledge that is not aimed at a target is wasting its energy and cannot lead you to success. But if you direct all your knowledge and experience to achieve your exact goal, the diffused light of knowledge will narrow into the searchlight and illuminate a very long distance. The main thing is not to leave the lighted road. Do not spray your knowledge. You, dear reader, successfully applied these principles on the path to your success. Let my painting “Your path is illuminated” serve as a reminder of your success! . In the interior. The painting “Your path is illuminated” is painted by a professional artist on a high-quality synthetic canvas with acrylic paints. The picture is of medium size and painted in the most fashionable abstract technology. Thanks to this, the picture “Your path is illuminated” fits into any interior. The picture will undoubtedly attract the attention of your guests and emphasize your individuality. All modern designers insist on the availability of paintings in the interior as soon as the picture can give the interior completeness and endow with a unique character. And also you should not forget that the picture “Your path is illuminated” is unique - no one has a second one and, therefore, the picture is the subject of a cut. With your presence, the painting “Your path is illuminated” will make your interior truly luxurious.

Description of the Painting "Your path is illuminated":

Materials acryl/canvas
Size29.5 W × 50.4 H × 72 D   cm
Year of creation2019
Genre Interior
Style Modern
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$6,300 USD
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Mansur Boybekov
From Mansur Boybekov , Uzbekistan
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