Painting "Windproof Weather" | Artist Mansur Boybekov | Jose Art Gallery
Painting "Windproof Weather" | Artist Mansur Boybekov | Jose Art Gallery
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Windproof Weather

“Windproof Weather” by Mansur Boybekov. An Idea. Mankind is so strong that the only thing that can somehow influence it is itself. Sometimes our power turns around and not in our favor. The most important thing is the presence of a goal and the ability to go for it, no matter what. Individually, people are not so strong. We are rather fragile and even falling from a chair can kill us. What is it to realize? Humanity as a whole is a powerful organism. His cells can die, but he is able to withstand anything. Our absolute power is revealed in the multidimensionality of perception and interpretation of the information we receive. Only our minds are able to embrace the whole universe, when we ourselves are only a microscopic point.

Materials: acryl/canvas
Size:   101 W x 95 H x 1 D   cm
Year of creation: 2019
Style: Modern
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$5,200 USD
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From Mansur Boybekov , Uzbekistan
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