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Universe Painting by Maryam Ghazi - Jose Art Gallery
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The use of the element of the line to create a painting in the history of Iranian art had precedent, but what is important in my mind is the use of the element of the line and its usefulness in reflecting the author's mental background. Meanwhile, the aim is to depict the concept of letters and words, diversify their size, create rhythm and composition, emphasize the visual aspect, create a visual composition, preserve their power, and physical and psychological impact instead of a verbal look.In this collection, the letters and words have gradually been minimized, and more attention is paid to pure form and pure visual communication between them. The conscious emphasis was on the new achievements of Western art and the need to achieve cultural roots and visual traditions, and the combination of the two for this set. The embodiment of a world where reality and imagination are intertwined and created in a different world. By combining materials and creating different tissues and repeating motifs and repeating the colored and repetitive lines, the use of a range of golden, green and all kinds of water tints that relate spirituality has been driven by the necessity or personal beliefs that are used to paint the visual language To prepare a new one.

Description of the Painting "Universe":

Materials acryl/canvas
Size100 W × 100 H × 5 D   cm
Year of creation2017
Genre Genre
Style Modern
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$7,200 USD
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Maryam Ghazi
From Maryam Ghazi , Iran
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