Spawning Drawing - Yuliia Dzhumaieva - Jose Art Gallery
Spawning Drawing - Yuliia Dzhumaieva - Jose Art Gallery
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Original drawing, 100×70 cm, 2018
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Characteristics of the Drawing “Spawning”

Year of creation2018
Dimensions100 W × 70 H × 1 D   cm
Type of artdrawing

Description of the Artwork “Spawning”

The second art work of the cycle "spawning". Here u can Salmon got to the rght place despite all the problems on its way. While female is digging the hole for the caviar, male is defending her caviar, because other male cant put theirs milk on the caviar.The work was made in 2018 in Warsaw with pen and marker

About the artist

My name is Yuliia Dzhumaieva.I was born in Odessa. Since my childhood i was fond of drawing. Due to this i went to the art school in my hometow, when i graduated, i returned there back, because i couldnt live without these atmosphere full of productivity, artistism and freedom. When i finished it second time i moved to Poland and changed my faculty to Graphics. Today i'm a designer and artist. However my soul wants to danve with lots of colors and doesnt want to be dependent on the needs of firms, thats why i draw. i love to convey my inner world in my drawing style and leave something after myself in abstract way. My styles are Secession + op-art

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