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Gold is All What We Need Painting by Mansur Boybekov
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Gold is All What We Need

”Gold is All What We Need” by Mansur Boybekov Technique. The painting “All we need is gold” is painted with acrylics on canvas. The canvas has a size of 43.3x29.5 in. First, I make out the edges of the picture. This is necessary so that you can use a picture without a frame. In the picture “All we need is gold” for this, I used metallic gold glitters based on acrylic. After which I apply acrylic paints to canvas with the help of palette knives. Next, I stretch the paint over a larger area of the canvas with a large spatula. It can be quite difficult to convey an idea and create a harmonious composition. I often call on my wife and son so that they look at the picture from the side and suggest how well my idea can be traced. To create the whole picture usually takes 6-7 hours. Acrylic dries very quickly (15-20 minutes), so I put the paint in layers. Due to this appears the very depth and versatility of the picture. . In the interior. When writing the picture “All we need is gold” I used warm colors, such as: yellow, orange, light brown. But the most interesting thing is that I added high-quality metallic gold glitters. They give the picture depth, as they come to the fore when light hits them. Thus, the picture looks different from different angles. In the interior, it will be most well combined with metal elements. Yellow color is considered the brightest of the whole spectrum. No less, he is known for his ability to expand the space around him. Do not miss the fact that the yellow color is the best to create comfort. Yellow and gold colors have a positive effect on the mood of those in the room. Yellow color gives energy to the viewer, improves mood. Gold has always been associated with wealth and elite. These associations are embedded in us on a subconscious level. Therefore, the picture “All we need is gold” will give your interior more sophistication and luxury. The style of the painting is abstract, which means that the painting “All we need is gold” is perfect for any interior regardless of the style. . An Idea. I was inspired by reflections on gold to create the picture “All we need is gold”. This amazing metal has fascinated people for millions of years. Did you know that gold is born when stars explode? Therefore, there is so little gold in the universe. Interestingly, gold itself resembles a star. It seems to be bursting with heat and radiating bright light, just like the star from which it was born. Art is priceless and unique as gold. The artist, like a star in an explosion, gives all his soul and inspiration to a work of art. Gives a part of itself to the world. “You can buy an ingot of gold, put it in a safe and pass it on, or you can put a picture there,” says Troika Dialog’s Private Banking director, Alexey Golubykh.

Description of the Painting "Gold is All What We Need":

Materials acryl/canvas
Size43.3 W × 29.5 H × 1 D   cm
Year of creation2019
Genre Interior
Style Modern
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$3,100 USD
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Mansur Boybekov
From Mansur Boybekov , Uzbekistan
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