Ciranda no jardim Painting by mairon almeida

Characteristics of the Painting “Ciranda no jardim”

Year of creation2014
Dimensions48 W × 45 H × 5 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsacrylic, wood

Description of the Artwork “Ciranda no jardim”

ciranda-no jardim dos pensamentos 2014 48x45 cm ~ Pintura, Acrílico ~ Madeira ciranda no jardim dos pensamentos acrilica sobre madeira - ano 2014 coleção "pequenos alados " altura : 45 por 48 de largura

Ciranda no jardim

Original artwork, 48×45 cm, 2014
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist

Based on the story: “The Little Wings in the Land of Absurdo” Get in touch with any questions! Orders, prices, praise, criticism !, Etc! I will be happy to answer! Email: Presentation When I was little, I spent the evenings enjoy like birds at the foot of the neighboring yard, far fr om the turbulence that plagues my family, try to make my image in a place where I could save all that suffering, a place where birds and strange creatures danced among branches and flowers, the magician and the stranger would join me to make me smile even for a minute. Little did I know that one day my own imagination would be my most terrible enemy and at the same time my savior. A little art is still small, but it is highly praised and encouraged by my teachers, I cannot feel pleasure in it and paint flowers and landscapes that are not lively at all. So, for the few abandoned or course and dormant painters. Years later, however, I was surprised by the tragedies that still accompanied me during my childhood and these descriptions led me to a profound fall, followed by a panic syndrome that paralyzed me for years. My loss of meaning or my life started to be governed for medicines. One day, however, when things change and with a lot of effort, they start to paint like strange things that pass through my mind and little by little, these paintings are caused by a reason to get out of bed. And so, simply, the strange world that sometimes saves me in childhood, then starts saving me in adulthood. had left me. Nowadays my paintings and my children's stories are simply my life. Today I try to put in my art musical and fanciful elements that refer to childhood, dreams and innocence. Today I have a special treatment for my collection "small winged", not only to treat my last work, but for a work wh ere it contains fantastic and paintings full of magic to mix easily.

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