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Brilliants in our life Painting by Mansur Boybekov - Jose Art Gallery
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Brilliants in our life

“Brilliants in our life” by Mansur Baybekov. An Idea. There is a lot of beauty in our life. I think this concerns most of us that what's good is more than bad. I often compare good with diamonds. Because they are just as desirable and also hidden from us. Most of the benefits you need to deserve or earn. But do not take the process of finding the beautiful in life as a hard work. Because everything that you find will depreciate. It is necessary to enjoy the process itself. For example, most of us work to make money. Money in this case will be a "diamond." But if you hate your job and get stressed all the time, then you can safely take away from your salary the amount equivalent to your suffering. Sometimes it even exceeds the entire salary. You need to strive to ensure that most of life would bring you pleasure, no matter how far the current situation is from the ideal.

Description of the Painting "Brilliants in our life":

Materials acryl/canvas
Size101 W × 75 H × 1 D   cm
Year of creation2019
Genre Interior
Style Modern
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$7,800 USD
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Mansur Boybekov
From Mansur Boybekov , Uzbekistan
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