Brazen Heights Painting by Tiffani Buteau - Jose Art Gallery
Brazen Heights Painting by Tiffani Buteau - Jose Art Gallery
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Characteristics of the Painting “Brazen Heights”

Year of creation2018
Dimensions60.96 W × 50.8 H × 3.81 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsmixed method, canvas
Type of packagingcardboard box

Description of the Artwork “Brazen Heights”

Resin is a demanding but exhilarating art form. It is punishing but blissful. With just an hour of worktime, I must use every hard wrought lesson to perfect the pigmented resin I pour. I use surfboard crafting pigments, India Inks, powder pigments and more for the varying hues. Then, I grab a heat-based tool, like my blow torch and manipulate the poured layers from there. The same process that gets you a gorgeously decorated surfboard is what gets you these paintings. As a former surfer, I find myself ever eager to recapture those fleeting moments in the surf in resin. "Brazen Heights" was an exploration in negative white space use and also an homage to the cliff faces of the Utah desert that I recently transversed. Seeing the rigid harsh lines that time created in the rock against the vast open space of the sky inspired me to make a piece that captures that juxtaposition. I wanted a piece that captured both the epic openness of the space but also the warmth and strength of the cliffs.

Brazen Heights

Tiffani ButeauUnited States
Original artwork, 60.96×50.8 cm, 2018
The artwork has been sold
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About the artist
Tiffani Buteau

Tiffani Buteau, United States

I'm eternally in awe of not just the beauty that exists in nature but the laws that govern that beauty. The same laws that captivate us with a sprawling sunset (something quite large, also beguile us with the magnificence of a nebula (something mind-boggling huge) or with the inner structure of the cells in a leaf (something quite small). There is a beauty that belies itself as chaos all around us. I work in resin for this very reason. As I pour and manipulate the thick liquid resin, for a moment in time I experience, like a fleeting sunset, the beauty that the laws of physics creates on the canvas, just before it disappears and reinvents itself, settling on the final outcome of the painting. As a former surfer, this reminds me of lying on the board in the water and catching a glimpse of a never to be replicated moment where a small wave peaks and crests and water foams about only to disappear. I want to capture moments tied in their core to nature on a canvas. Resin lets me freeze those moments in time.

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