Peaceful butterfly Painting by Lisa Thaxter
Peaceful butterfly Painting by Lisa Thaxter
Peaceful butterfly – buy
Peaceful butterfly – painting

Characteristics of the Painting “Peaceful butterfly”

Year of creation2021
Dimensions21 W × 29 H × 0.1 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsacrylic, cardboard

Description of the Artwork “Peaceful butterfly”

Signature work involving mixed media on book pages. Splatters and drips with butterfly delicately perched on ankle. Acrylics and inks. Certificate of Authenticity supplied

Peaceful butterfly

Lisa ThaxterUnited Kingdom
Original artwork, 21×29 cm, 2021
Not for sale
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About the artist
Lisa Thaxter

Lisa Thaxter, United Kingdom

Lisa is a British born self taught contemporary artist located in London UK. Contemporary Expressionism is her favourite single style yet she has no boundaries, defying categorisation and so pushing boundaries.. Contemporary art does not depict one particular thing, it’s always new, always different and emotionally driven which allows Lisa to express her own individual style. Inspired by the likes of Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Lee Krasner Lisa’s chosen mediums are oils, acrylics and inks, sometimes on their own, sometimes together, Why? Why not! Lisa’s work can be found globally in a variety of Private Collections and currently within the Saatchi Gallery in London rolling screen LIFE IS SHORT...ART IS ETERNAL...

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