Dry Grass #1 Photography - Vitaliy Pikalevskiy

Dry Grass #1

Original photo, 52×70 cm, 2016
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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Characteristics of the Photography “Dry Grass #1”

Year of creation2016
Dimensions52 W × 70 H × 0.1 D   cm
Type of artphotography

Description of the Artwork “Dry Grass #1”

Automatic translation

"The emotion and ecstasy that we experience from the contemplation of nature is a memory of the time when we were animals, trees, flowers, earth. More precisely: it is the consciousness of oneness with everything, hidden from us by time". Tolstoy L.N.

About the artist

I was always fascinated by art. It was not just a beautiful picture that inspired, but the depth of the idea that the artist conveyed. The deeper he penetrated the secrets of our world, the more I liked this artist. And at a certain point in my life, I realized what I want to do, what I like, what will inspire me. I realized that I want to do art and I want to create it. I wanted freedom in the manifestation of creativity, freedom in the expression of myself.    And so began my long journey of searching for myself. But finding and knowing oneself is not as easy as it seemed to me. Then it seemed to me that the best way to do this is to get away fr om the usual system of life. I decided to radically change my lifestyle and go out of time. For about two years I spent in seclusion fr om civilization, doing the cleansing practices of my mind and body. All my life I was tormented by certain questions about where I am, who I am, why I came here. The system was forced me to be a cog in it, but I wanted to understand why this game was. I began to study various religions, and engage in spiritual practices. Later I became interested in esoteric and occult teachings. But knowledge from the outside is not really your knowledge, but rather tools that you can use for knowledge. It took many years to make it clear for me.   Only when I began to look inward, when I learned, plunging into a trance, to work with my mind, to purify and expand it. And as I was cleared, I began to see and realize reality more clearly and multidimensionally. My world turned upside down, something that I did not understand once it became clear as a clear day. My mind was filled with golden light, I was able to go out into the superconscious, and to know my highest divine essence. In this high state of consciousness, the Intellect is no longer required, I’m connected to the high mind, information comes in images on an intuitive level, like an insight. It is difficult to make words, it is easier to convey  images. In this state, I recognized myself as an immortal spiritual being of high dimensionality, I understood wh ere I came from, and for what, I saw my past lives. I managed to reach such a vibration, wh ere you can learn the wisdom of the universe, when in everything you can see its true deep meaning, which was originally hidden in the darkness of ignorance. My sensitivity and awareness has increased many times. I felt an urgent need to share my knowledge. Consciousnesses and images have accumulated so much that I realized that I can share this through art, as I always wanted to. Art, canvases, paints, photoshop for me are the tools, through which I, as a spirit, can manifest myself and bring in here certain energies.   My art is the result of many years of work on myself. Each artist with his art carries certain vibrations, depending on who he is and what level of development he has. The peculiarity and value of my art in a certain high vibration, as the images come to me in a high state of consciousness. My images are more than imagination, this is the expression of my essence, my perception, my visions, insights and awarenesses. For me, art is not a drawing technique, not a color or a form, but the depth that makes you think about something more. My art reveals the other side of reality, allows a person to feel what is happening inside everyone.   My spirit is my freedom, I do what I want to do and I am glad that I can share my art with you.

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