Sunset at the Beach Painting by Rebekah Evans

Sunset at the Beach

Rebekah EvansUnited States
Original artwork, 76.2×61 cm, 2020
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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Characteristics of the Painting “Sunset at the Beach”

Year of creation2020
Dimensions76.2 W × 61 H × 2.5 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Stylefine art
Materialsacrylic, canvas

Description of the Artwork “Sunset at the Beach”

Nothing is more beautiful then the setting sun over the beach. Relax and breath in the fresh salty air, listen to the God-wits dig in the sand. This a is an acrylic pour painting with sunset beach painted on top of it. The water is the pour, and the sunset, land and the God-wits are hand brush painted. Colors might be slightly different on the canvas then the picture, because camera's can pick up colors differently then the eyes, but it is a fairly accurate representation.

About the artist
Rebekah Evans

Rebekah Evans, United States

Rebekah Evans Acrylic Pour I have always loved art, even as I child I could spend hours creating things. God blessed me with a natural talent for all kinds of art. I could always pick up any type of art very quickly. I thought I wanted to be fantasy fiction writer, so I Majored in Creative Writing. The funny thing was I remember one of my college art professors telling me he kept forgetting that I wasn’t an Art Major. Maybe God had been trying to tell me something. After collage writing stories just didn’t seem to be what I wanted to do anymore. I ended up becoming a preschool teacher. I love working with. but my passion for art has never left me. I dabbled in Crocheting, jewelry making, sewing, glass etching and more, but I never stuck with any of those mediums very long. Then one day my mother in-law showed me an acrylic pour video. I had to try it, and after one pour, I was hooked. I even had my preschooler do it. I had found my art, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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