My fate. of undreamed drime Painting by Mher Evoyan
My fate. of undreamed drime Painting by Mher Evoyan
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My fate. of undreamed drime

Original artwork, 106×140 cm, 2015
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Characteristics of the Painting “My fate. of undreamed drime”

Year of creation2015
Dimensions106 W × 140 H × 4 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Stylefine art
Materialsoil, canvas
About the artist

About Mher Evoyan First of all I want to confirm my name MHER EVOYAN I was born in 1979 in one of the most historical places of the world, Armenia, Vanadzor. Currently I live and work in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. I have my Studio and have made my best artworks there. I would like to talk about the most important and dramatic events, and of course about memories of growing up, that mostly influenced my artwork. My childhood had crucial impact on my development. My father’s sudden death was the end of my childhood, after which I started painting. I spent my childhood in a small town in Armenia named Vanadzor, where we lived in a big and old house, that belonged to my ancestors. The house was extremely old and I was sure that there were ghosts living in the house. There are some pictures left in my memory that are so vivid and pleasant that will always lead me on my path. Once, when we woke up in the morning, the whole patio was covered by snow. My dad told us to run outside and wash ourselves with snow. We were surprised at first, but then it turned out to be very exciting to get a snow bath. The other vivid image that I have got from my childhood is our trees. I was almost always sitting on those trees and creating new worlds for me. I was also picking apples from the trees while crawling on them. It was late autumn, when I saw apples falling out of trees. I told my father about it with concern but he picked up already rotted apples and started throwing them on my brother. It turned out to be very funny game further. Apples, snow bath, the old house are very close to me not only because of being memories of growing up, but also, because these images are very close to culture of my origin. Human is always an accumulation of curtain ideas, which includes ethnic features: culture, mentality, psychology, habits. It is impossible to avoid them. There are two pols in this regard: one who ignores his/her ethnic roots and the opposite, one who perfections them. I think they both are wrong: one should always try to find the golden middle, the combination of origin and modern. There are talented Armenian artists, whose works of art do not just astonish me, but also dismiss the bad feelings, for example, Ayvazovski, Gorki, Surenyanc, Minas, Saryan and others, but it is very hard for me to point out the one who had more influence on my ideas. It is impossible for me to imagine that the international art let alone the modern art can be influenced with my works. Moreover, I think that in twenty first century there is no mutual influence between modern artists, taking into account the fact, that all of them bear the influence of the past and the ideas that it brings. But there is one more thing that is out of doubt for me. Each artist brings his/her own flavor into the joint pot, like that one herb, that even though is not considered as a separate part but leaves its own affect on the overall flavor. I believe that my art makes the world a little bit more beautiful, joyful and happier. Some important events changed my life. I have already mentioned that after my father’s unexpected death I started to paint. The first person who noticed it was my mother. She said that my paintings were not bad and it wold have been better for me to continue my education as an artist. I refused her at the beginning because I didn’t know any rules about painting and I didn’t even know other exams too. But she imposed. I had really very little time to get ready for the exams, that is why I was very intimidated. I could not believe that I.

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