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Shifting the Schizo-pole Painting by Irina Greciuhina
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Shifting the Schizo-pole

I prefer to express myself metaphorically. Let me stress: metaphorically, not symbolically. A symbol contains within itself a definite meaning, certain intellectual formula, while metaphor is an image. An image possessing the same distinguishing features as the world it represents. An image — as opposed to a symbol — is indefinite in meaning. One cannot speak of the infinite world by applying tools that are definite and finite. We can analyse the formula that constitutes a symbol, while metaphor is a being-within-itself, it’s a monomial. It falls apart at any attempt of touching it.

Description of the Painting "Shifting the Schizo-pole":

Materials acryl/canvas
Size140 W × 200 H × 3 D   cm
Year of creation2018
Genre Portrait
Style Figurative
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$7,300 USD
Irina Greciuhina
From Irina Greciuhina , Moldova
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Keywords: womengoose
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