Paradoxical illusions Painting by Irina Greciuhina
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Paradoxical illusions

Original artwork, 200×150 cm, 2018
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Characteristics of the Painting “Paradoxical illusions”

Year of creation2018
Dimensions200 W × 150 H × 3 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsacrylic, canvas

Description of the Artwork “Paradoxical illusions”

In the Land of Altered Perceptions, a place where new possibilities of time and space are generated by passionately-colored flowers and a blazing light source, the body often contorts, twists to make sense of baffling paradoxes, competing realities, and mind-bending illusions. Such a hallucinatory bombardment of the senses—the questioning of fact and fiction, reason and unreason—can easily lead to unsettling, whirling gyrations. Even one loud Howl against conformity, and a plaintive call for the luminous, a plea for a transcendent burst of true perception. Crying out in such a manner is to be expected, for it was a struggle to reach this sun-suffused field of dreams—visitors must suffer all sorts of winding paths, lamentations, and tenuous truths. Yet it’s still clear this blue-legged, wind-blown escapee from the “natural order” of mere appearances and unsubstantiated beliefs is bold, defiant, ready to be tutored in the ways of the unpredictable, the mysterious, the wizardry of wonder. Fearlessly taking a step into this unknown, she is a true architect, ready to design her own universe of belief and comprehension. © Greciuhina&Kiersh

About the artist

I Live and work in Moldova For many years I have been leading an architectural bureau, working closely with interiors, textures, colors and product design. Architectural background is giving me a lot of ideas and knowledge, that I am transforming into my artworks. I am perceiving a process of the art creation as my personal cult and intimate ritual which gives me a freedom of expression. In my artistic practice I am interested in recording and showing the diversity and ambiguity of human nature as well as the mystery of all aspects of human personality. The main theme of my art is a study of the archetypes of a woman. I am recreating female images from different sources around me, including everyday life, fashion magazines and even internet. I keep wondering how personality and world perception of a woman can be affected by the external factors such as giving birth to a child, building a family or even changing the gender roles. The choice of this subject is stipulated by a continuous self-study, as an artist and as a woman, thus perceiving it as the most interesting and the dearest topic to me. Depicting female figures in a particular manner, I am placing them in the most unusual settings coming from the depth of my subconsciousness. Surrealism and interpretation of dreams, became strong references to me, but I am expressing them in a post-modern way, mixing bright colors, catchy poses from the posters, decorative elements and patterns with the typical elements of pop art. Full of peculiar details, my artworks are inviting the viewer to wonder, who are these women on the canvas and what is their story. Using mostly acrylic paint and working on large-scale canvases, recently I’ve started to experiment with digital art, studying how the new technologies can affect my creative process, giving me new ideas and skills.

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