Painting "Digital Underground" | Artist Irina Greciuhina | Jose Art Gallery
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Digital Underground

Journeying into Time, ever-oscillating dimensions, and the subconscious, this meditative, relentless figure, defiantly withstanding baffling, conflicting realities and spectral images, she’s a fearless penetrator—a woman trying to delve deep inside herself far under the surface to banish mere optical illusions. She’s staring at her evolution, bravely confronting memories, opening those “secret drawers” of the mind that Salvador Dali spoke about, and also at dreams that may help her create her own world— enlightenment that’s in communion with the universe. But even if she is resolute, ready for the unknown, distinguishing between the Absolute, the Imaginary, hope and insignificance, still confounds her. She’s the striking presence, a double image in fact, blazing in the fiery light, emphasizing a strength to pursue this often puzzling journey. There’s little doubt—she has emerged—past all these blurred reflections of her past selves—and may well be on the path to true, meaningful conviction. Yet the Cosmos—and her bold willingness to question life’s randomness, its’ confusions—will never offer a straight trajectory towards Truth. So she will continue to look at that mirror for a few more moments. Then daringly move on. Knowing much that is hidden remains to be revealed. © Greciuhina&Kiersh

Materials: acryl/canvas
Size:   150 W x 200 H x 3 D   cm
Year of creation: 2019
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$5,400 USD
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From Irina Greciuhina , Moldova
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