Eva II Painting by Anikitos Giannoudes - Jose Art Gallery

Eva II

Original artwork, 70×50 cm, 2018
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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Characteristics of the Painting “Eva II”

Year of creation2018
Dimensions70 W × 50 H × 3 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsoil, canvas
About the artist

I was born in Cyprus but I live in Athens(Greece). My work is inspired not only by movements of the 20th century(post-impressionism, expresionism, phovism) but also by the regional Byzantine and folclore art. My inspiration comes fr om a thought, an image in my mind, a fear, a metaphysical need or a behaviour of a nearby person. Many of my works are inspired by byzantine icons or the life and images of religious figures and facts as presented in Byzantine art. During his studies he was proposed twice for a scholarship. He holds the following Prizes: 1st Painting Prize at the age of 9 years old from the Halandri Aetopoulio Cultural Center in Halandri(Athens). 1st place and scholarship at the entry examination of the Athens School of Fine Arts. 1st Prize and scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation of Greece for qualifying in my studies of the academic year 1996-1997. 2nd Prize at the Regional Panhellenic Students’ Theater Competition as an art teacher of the 2nd Junior High School of Alexandroupolis. Praise at the Regional Panhellenic Students’ Painting Competition as an art teacher of the 2nd Junior High School of Alexandroupolis. He worked as an artists around the world. Some of the works that he undertook are: The conservation of 30sm size mosaics in the Holy Monastery of Kykkos in Cyprus. The voluntary murals of in churches and monasteries around South Korea. The co-operation in the art installations entitled “Forest of Saints” and “Time” in Lefkosia, Cyprus. Byzantine murals and mosaics around Greece, Cyprus and the United Kingdom such as the murals of the church of the Athens University Campus in Zografou area in Athens, the mosaics of the Greek Orthodox cathedral of Woodgreen in London the murals of the church of Panagia Palouriotissa in Lefkosia(Cyprus), the icons of the temple of the church of Saint Athanasios in Athens and many more. The mosaics of the hotel “Bay Holiday” in Fthiotida district in Greece. He is working with Kyrenia Opera of New York and he participated in the presentation of its play“Amalh and the night visitors” with his painting “Dreaming”. He also created the stage designs for the same opera in its shows in New York and Pallas Theater in Cyprus. He worked as an art teacher in Junior High schools wh ere he undertook many cultural programs, as a teacher of Art History and Textile Design in public institutes and as a public servant in the Ministry of Education and Culture of Greece.

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