Coffee Woman III Painting by Carlos Duque - Jose Art Gallery
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Characteristics of the Painting “Coffee Woman III”

Year of creation2021
Dimensions80 W × 100 H × 3 D   cm
Type of art painting
Style cubism
Genre nude
Materialsoil, canvas

Description of the Artwork “Coffee Woman III”

This work is inspired by a poem by Gabriel García Márquez, entitled "First, if someone knocks on your door" If someone knocks on your door, my friend, and something in your blood beats and does not rest and in your reed of water, trembling, the source is a liquid of harmony. If someone knocks on your door and still you have a lot of time to be beautiful and all April fits in a rose and for the rose the day bleeds If someone knocks on your door one morning sound of doves and bells and you still believe in pain and poetry If life is still true and the verse exists. If someone knocks on your door and you are sad, Open, which is love, friend. Influences of Russian deco artists applied to Neo-Cubism gave me a strong foundation in the technique to make this artwork.

Coffee Woman III

Carlos DuqueColombia
Original artwork, 80×100 cm, 2021
The artwork has been sold
About the artist
Carlos Duque

Carlos Duque, Colombia

My mother educated me with art since I was a child, I liked and developed drawing and painting. My mother always told me to study Art at the University, and finish studying biology. I am currently a Molecular Biologist. Painting in oils is my hobby, I use contemporary and modern styles. I currently live in Armenia - Colombia.