Mona Painting by Julia Tokar - Jose Art Gallery
Mona Painting by Julia Tokar - Jose Art Gallery
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Characteristics of the Painting “Mona”

Year of creation2021
Dimensions60 W × 80 H × 1.8 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Stylecontemporary art
Materialsacrylic, canvas

Description of the Artwork “Mona”

Automatic translation

Proud, intelligent, beautiful and unshakable - you can talk a lot about her. The portrait is made in the style of abstract realism. You can peer not only into the eyes of the beautiful Mona, but also consider the background surrounding her. Stylish, unusual and impressive work.


Julia TokarAustria
Original artwork, 60×80 cm, 2021
The artwork has been sold
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About the artist
Julia Tokar

Julia Tokar, Austria

I am an artist from Austria. Being brought up in the artist's family, a love of art came to me early. However, I chose clothing design as a profession. Only 7 years ago I seriously discovered the world of painting. Step by step, I came to know this wonderful world, attended various courses and workshops on painting, lectures on the history of art, I took private lessons from local artists. When I received the first invitations to participate in the exhibition, it stimulated a desire in me to continue doing what I love. Now I paint almost every day, often participate in collective and solo exhibitions. Painting for me is a complete immersion in the world of emotions and fantasies, from wh ere there is no turning back. With my work, I invite all viewers and fans to plunge into this world.

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