Fighting bull Painting by Tatiana Chornenka
Fighting bull Painting by Tatiana Chornenka
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Fighting bull

Original artwork, 60×50 cm, 2020
The artwork has been sold
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Characteristics of the Painting “Fighting bull”

Year of creation2020
Dimensions60 W × 50 H × 2.5 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Stylecontemporary art
Materialsoil, canvas
Contest Winner
Best Painting of the Week
Best Painting of the Week,18 January - 24 January, 2021
picture of a bullbull on red backgroundbright picture of a bullmodern painting with a bullpaintingwithbullpaintingofbullbrightpaintingwithbullmodern species

Description of the Artwork “Fighting bull”

Automatic translation

Painting with a bull on a red background, painted with a palette knife, oil Van Gogh. The work is done in the authors style.

About the artist

From early childhood, j saw myself only as an artist. But my parents believed that an artist is not a profession. And j graduated from a pedagogical university, but did not become a teacher. Many years passed until j was able to realize my dream. My career began in 2016, when j was 39 years old. J started to point oil painting's. Plots for their pictures, take either from the photo, or invent myself. Practicing intuitive painting. In my work j use all kinds of tools for creativity, but the main palette knife. For two years j have been participating in collective exhibition's of my city and capital.

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