Ethno Painting by Dmitriy Zazimko - Jose Art Gallery
Ethno Painting by Dmitriy Zazimko - Jose Art Gallery
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Dmitriy ZazimkoUkraine
Original artwork, 60×80 cm, 2020
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Characteristics of the Painting “Ethno”

Year of creation2020
Dimensions60 W × 80 H × 2 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Stylecontemporary art
Materialsmixed method, canvas
ethnoethnofirerunesburnt boarddigital

Description of the Artwork “Ethno”

Automatic translation

Acrylic on canvas, acrylic mass, author’s mixed media. The painting interacts with the mobile application "ARTIVIVE". What need to do: 1. Take a mobile 2. Download ARTIVIVE app for Android from Google Play or iOS from Apple Store 3. Run the application, then press the [allow access] button. A full download will occur when the camera turns on. 4. Aim the camera at the picture so that the image is completely placed on your display, turn on the sound and after a small download, look. To view it, you can point at the picture itself, or use another device with its image, for example, your computer monitor, display it on the TV screen, or use another phone.

About the artist

Dmitriy Zazimko's career as an artist began in 2016, when he began experimenting with various techniques and materials, creating new forms and textures, which resulted in a series of paintings on canvas and wooden tablets. And after a few years, his work could be seen in many Ukrainian and international art projects, at exhibitions in Prague and Greece. The author's paintings won prizes in art competitions and were published in domestic publications and in the international art almanac WE CONTEMPORARY by Serradifalco Edditore. And in 2020, during his personal exhibition "Reverence of Time", Dmitriy was able to combine his paintings with riddles and revive some artifacts with his hands, mislead visitors when he demonstrated imitation of metal only using acrylic on canvas. Some of the artist's works interact with the free ARTIVIVE app to complement their content. Currently, the artist's arsenal includes works that can satisfy the most diverse tastes of art connoisseurs. So, in the series "Artifacts" the desire of a person is laid in the knowledge of the values and relics of various civilizations, with the help of which we have learned to understand the ancients, read texts and decipher hieroglyphs... In a series of works by NASA, the idea is to show man and his essence, the desire to explore space and conquer other planets... Each picture reproduces the landscapes of the planet and the human footprint left on it. And the series of works "RustArt" and "Abstraction of Time" is the moment of creation and destruction, the struggle of man and time with the things of our environment - when time shows its strength and character, providing familiar things with new abstract strokes, controlling the elements like a brush, and man only remains to observe and understand that he is only a small part of this great process of creating beauty...

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