Memories of the childhood vii Painting by Shiv Kumar Soni

Characteristics of the Painting “Memories of the childhood vii”

Year of creation2017
Dimensions45 W × 45 H × 3 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsacrylic, canvas

Description of the Artwork “Memories of the childhood vii”

Shiv shows collection of thoughts & imaginations of childhood. As like kites, birds, balloons, toys, hats and playing in rainy weather, imagining self over the clouds, flying with kites and many such moments which almost everybody revive in their rest of life. All these this Shiv feels like the treasure of childhood.

Memories of the childhood vii

Original artwork, 45×45 cm, 2017
The artwork has been sold
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About the artist

The main aim of my paintings is to evoke a sense of pleasure in me as well as the viewers. The memories of my childhood are still fresh and lively in my heart. These memories serve as inspiration for me to create innovative and gleeful paintings.

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