I love Monet: Pond Painting by Dasha Lobeeva

Characteristics of the Painting “I love Monet: Pond”

Year of creation2019
Dimensions30 W × 40 H × 0.5 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsacrylic, canvas
clodmonepondliliesabstract paintingconceptual paintingDashalobeeva

Description of the Artwork “I love Monet: Pond”

Automatic translation

The painting « «I love Monet: Pond»» was created late at night after viewing the works of my beloved Claude Monet. His «Lily Pond» inspired me so much that I understood that I won’t fall asleep until I touched the master of impressionism. The result was this work. It will look perfect in an interior where there is a lot of light and little color.

I love Monet: Pond

Dasha LobeevaRussia
Original artwork, 30×40 cm, 2019
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist

It began with knowledge and awareness of what the Dadaists were doing, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janko, Max Ernst. Then there was the fascination with expressionism. Abstract expressionism. Suddenly - very much hooked on what did Lucho Fontana. Then there was a period of fascination with the work of Marcel Duchamp, then - Joseph Kossuth, Hans Haacke. And went-go!

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