Blossom * Love in a Woman Painting by NATALI DEUS UNIVERSE

Characteristics of the Painting “Blossom * Love in a Woman”

Year of creation2004
Dimensions36 W × 51 H × 2 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsoil, canvas
Type of packagingwooden box

Description of the Artwork “Blossom * Love in a Woman”

Automatic translation

The State of Love is like Heyday! This is a new wonderful round in the Life of a Woman! Love is Everything - it is Abundance, it is full of energy of Life, Joy! Woman in love, How spellbound Gentle and gentle Feeling inconsolable Fallen pride ... WOMAN - SLAVE! . FAVORITE WOMAN Angel stored Proud arrogant Like the universe itself ... And soars like a bird WOMAN - QUEEN! . And when you’re FAVORITE, Yes, in love - You are unique Illuminated by the sun Sensual, tender Faithful, sinless Spirit serene And successful in everything, Happiness Beregina ... WOMAN - GODDESS! © Alexander Taradov

Blossom * Love in a Woman

Original artwork, 36×51 cm, 2004
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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Artwork in the interior

About the artist


NATALI DEUS UNIVERSE - Natali Deus Universe - Natalie Deus Universe - (Cherkashina Natalia Sergeevna). Artist - graduated from OGKhU. M.B. Grekova, Psychologist - graduated from Odessa National University named after. I.I. Mechnikova; NATALI DEUS-VSELENNAYA NATALI DEUS-VSELENNAYA - Natali Deus Universe - Writer - Bioenergy; Healer; Psychic; Medium (Master of energy practices Reiki, Qigong, Tantra), etc. Artist - graduated from OGHU them. MB Grekova, as well as Psychologist - she graduated from OGNU them. I.I. Mechnikova; Natali Deus Universe - Writer - and Bioenergetics (Master of Energy Practices Reiki, Qigong, Tantra), etc. Hometown - Odessa Interests: Painting, Graphics, Quantum and Nuclear Physics, Supernatural metaphysical processes; Bioenergy; Poets and Writer - writing poems and short stories; Qi Gong; Mantec Chia; Cosmology; Cosmos and all the events of the universe; Energy of the Universe, Energy of Life, Kundalini Yoga; Creative Energy; Writing pictures; Making clothes! ... Personal exhibition - the name "Ice and Flame", was held in 2012. in Odessa, in the "Logos". ********* "May Moon" - May nights in the Forest, Happiness is being prophesied with might and main! Whether it's a passerby Or the spirit of the forest?! - The forest fills - Energy of Good And soul beauty!... The leaves rustle gently, The second Forest says: Ballad of the Moon The Forest Abode beckons! - May Moon - The magic of Love is strong! Intoxicating with magic Whatever you want - Creates charms!... Fills you with the Thirst for Life, Gives you passionate fervor! Moonlight Nights - Happiness is prophesied! On a Full Moon Night in May, You will meet Les Daughter, So beautiful and tender - Her caresses are mirage-enchantments!... Powers of Mother Moon - Magic Codes will awaken In blood! With your Love and Prayer - Call them to the Highest Good! Give them love The embodiment of the Earth - Forest, Nature, all the Elements, Elements And Crystal gradients! Absorbing the moon's light All Crystals are good! They shine with magic, By the magic of the moon - Nature is saturated From negative manifestations - the Earth is cleansed!... Beautiful Moon - Born in May!... It shines all year long May Power awaits! With the coming of May, Moon Magic - Nourishes nature The Magic World is being created! Renews, with Life - The forest is reborn!... © Natalie Deus Universe NATALI DEUS VSELENNAYA 07/21/2020 © Copyright: Natalie Deus, 2020 Certificate of publication No. 120072200677 With Love and Gratitude! WITH LOVE AND GRATITUDE!!! NATALI DEUS-VSELENNAYA - Natali Deus Universe - #natalideusuniverse #NATALIDEUSUNIVERSE #NATALI_DEUS_UNIVERSE #NDV_ART #JAG #ndv_art #NDVART #ndvartnatalideusvselennaya #Natalie_Deus_Universe #natalideusvselennaya #Artist #artist #paintings #frida_kalo #artfridakalo #fridakalo #frida_kalo #fridakalo #sale of paintings #sale of paintings #galleries #creativity #galleries #writer #bioenergetics #bioenergetics #love #reiki_master #reiki_master #universe #universe

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