And towering over Golgotha Painting by Alik Vetrof
And towering over Golgotha Painting by Alik Vetrof
And towering over Golgotha – buy
And towering over Golgotha – painting

And towering over Golgotha

Alik VetrofUkraine
Original artwork, 80×100 cm, 2016
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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Characteristics of the Painting “And towering over Golgotha”

Year of creation2016
Dimensions80 W × 100 H × 4 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsoil, canvas
andtoweringovergolgothaartOdessa genius artistaliquottrophbuy an artistsee pictures in Odessagreat artist of modernityOdessa artistbuy a pictureartsalonvodesseart2018event in art 2018

Description of the Artwork “And towering over Golgotha”

Automatic translation

And towering over Golgotha. (Crucifixion) 2015-16 canvas, oil, mixed technique, levkas 100х80х4см artist A. Vetrof A series of works was started in 1994, the author completed more than 40 works in religious subjects, not only iconography, but also woodcarving

About the artist
Alik Vetrof

Alik Vetrof, Ukraine

Painter & art curator Alik Vetrof 2009 creative association "ASA ART randevu" Art curatorial projects: 2005-11 Library-E-Literature 2010-13 "News Contemporary Art" 2014-15 art gallery "Opportunity" 207-11 the art magazine "Art Gallery" 2009 t / a "ASA ART randevu" 2010-13 Art Portal "News Contemporary Art" 2017 the art magazine "САВА" Painting "Alluring suspense" (1989), drawing, illustration books (1993-2008), Nude (1995-2014), "The City and the people... " (2007 ...), "I give you a bouquet of" (2008), "From Inspiration" (2008 ...), "Assya - Assya" (2009), "Marine Expression" (1995-2012, 2014), " Punjab. Do not open yourself to the world "(2008)," Dance with the rain of fire "(2009)," Dance 2008-09 "People and the City and not only..." (2007-12), "Stop frame" (2010), "Ballet 2012 Ballet" (2011-13), "city communications - tunnels" 2011-15, "Butterfly" (2016) Photo: "City in Motion" (2007, 2010-11). "" Punjab does not open itself to the world "(2008)," Dance with a rain of fire "(2009)," Dance of the 2008-09 "," Theatre "(2010) , "Assya - Assya" (2009), "The people and the city, and not only ..." (2007-12), "Winter" (2007-09) Author's print media: 2008-09 catalog of the "art dealer books about contemporary art" 2009 series of postcards 2010 catalog "Marine Expression" Curator 1997-98 Gallery "ART-937" USA, New York. 2005-11 Publisher "Library-E-Literature", 2014 Open curatorial practice "Opportunities" 2016-18 Art Gallery «Cappuccino»

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