Drawing "Biomechanical Mandala" | Artist Bohdan Saliy | Jose Art Gallery
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Biomechanical Mandala

The "Biomechanical Mandala" initiates a new ("green") stage of the author's creative work and opens a clearly psychedelic art in the contradictory post-modern irony. A high-class artist who worked a long time in the style of classical realism, but finally disappointed in figurative art, rejected the secondary conjuncture physicism and leaned into boundless spaces of unbridled imagination and creative experiments. The subtle play of the metadiscourse of replicative techno-mechanism and replicative memetic coevolution causes psychedelic joy of the viewer and influences the transpersonal level. The artist was a surrealist with diapers, but his mature establishment was associated with an exceptional, deep intuitive comprehension of multi-variational metatext pleromy. Mandala of psychedelic influence ... Surrealism in a postmodern metatext puts the author in a row with the most radical representatives of the elite mainstream of modern times. Even the cyberpunk does not get to such a level of unconventional visual transitions ... This is a qualitatively new breakthrough in comprehension of the deep philosophical context, the richness of the color scale and the unexpected interpretation of the problems of our time.

Size:   45 W x 64 H x 2 D   cm
Year of creation: 2018
Genre: Genre
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$310 USD
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From Bohdan Saliy , Ukraine
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