Beautiful Angel Sculpture - Valentyna Bobrova - Jose Art Gallery
Beautiful Angel Sculpture - Valentyna Bobrova - Jose Art Gallery
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Characteristics of the Sculpture “Beautiful Angel”

Year of creation2001
Dimensions15 W × 28 H × 5 D   cm
Type of artsculpture

Description of the Artwork “Beautiful Angel”

Beautiful Angel, handmade crafted from a 120-year-old Black Poplar wood. The Angel is completely handmade. Carved from the bark of a Black Poplar wood. The silver-plated coating on angel wings. The face is covered with a special composition for wood, using acrylics lacquers and natural beeswax. The sizes of sculpture: height - 11"/28 cm; width at top - 6"/15 cm, width at bottom - 2"/5 cm, weight 251g. This wood fragment comes from a park near the old baroque palace in the small village Krzydłowice in western Poland (until 1939 Kreidelwitz, Germany). The palace was built for Hans Georg von Stosch's family in 1722 and is surrounded by a park. During WWII, the palace was abandoned by its owners, in 1947 it was damaged by fire and has since been completely abandoned. The Angel is made in a single copy and has unique features that nature itself created, the master only gave it a form. You can purchase an amazing, unique Angel made of wood with a long history and with the spirit of the XVIII century.

Beautiful Angel

Original sculpture, 15×28 cm, 2001
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist

My native country is Ukraine. Over the past few years, I live in Poland, where located my work and business. Since kindergarten, I have been fond of art drawing. Later, in my school years, I met a master, who became my first mentor and thanks to him I mastered clay modeling and stone processing. After school, I became interested in wood carving. My previous experience allowed me to combine wooden carvings and elements of stone and other natural materials in my works. A few years ago, In Poland, I met a very experienced old master who is now my friend and creative mentor. In my works, I try to use only natural materials of the highest quality. I am very happy to invite all interested to my page to get acquainted with my world of art.