Makha - Sculptural Bar Chair Sculpture - Marko Milić
Makha - Sculptural Bar Chair Sculpture - Marko Milić
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Makha - Sculptural Bar Chair

Marko MilićCroatia
Original sculpture, 42×100 cm, 2019
The artwork has been sold
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Characteristics of the Sculpture “Makha - Sculptural Bar Chair”

Year of creation2019
Dimensions42 W × 100 H × 47 D   cm
Type of artsculpture
MaterialsValuable material

Description of the Artwork “Makha - Sculptural Bar Chair”

Makha Material out of which this elegant bar stool is made has transported the artist into the mystical time of the feminine pagan deity - Makha. The chair is evocative of mystical feminine beauty. It gives off an impression of deep - rooted attachment to one’s hearth (female deity Makha symbolizes the cult of the Mother Earth). Unique functional sculpture carved from single piece of wood in shape of a bar chair. This magnificent chair is carved by artists with basic wood carving power tools. Every chair is made as unique as it can be, with dedication to each detail. Decorating your interior with such unique masterpiece will highlight your home value. Chair is carved with the flow of inspiration that comes into the artist at the very moment, which makes each one of a kind. Our biggest inspiration is nature itself that lead us through our creations. We do not cut down for our meterial, we seek out downed tree logs in our local forest and grant it new eternal life. - Chair is for interior use only - Protected with natural oil - Cracks filled with epoxy for better expression and functionality

About the artist
Marko Milić

Marko Milić, Croatia

We have dedicated our whole life to nature with which we have grown and matured, from which we have learned and which we have preserved. It can sometimes be cruel, but even in that regard, it impresses us and leaves us breathless. It inspires us in all respects, so we have risen to the challenge of finding a new artistic expression. Our unique pieces of furniture are at the same time functional pieces of art. They are a part of our soul, a part of the primeval nature made entirely out of a single piece of wood, and not just any piece, but a special one, grown resisting the brutal strength of water, wind and the harshness of the Sun, a piece which we happened upon during our stroll in the woods. We do not cut down, we do not destroy, but seek out downed tree limbs toppled by fierce wind storms or driftwood from the local creek. But, in that moment of discovery all it takes is a tiny spark in the artist's eye and in his vision the piece becomes what it was always meant to be. It is as if the artist is speaking to the wood or better yet, making love to it because without such a relationship these unique pieces, these works of art wouldn not exist.

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