Veiled Truth Painting by Kristina Andolini
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Veiled Truth

Original artwork, 60×50 cm, 2016
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Characteristics of the Painting “Veiled Truth”

Year of creation2016
Dimensions60 W × 50 H × 2 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsoil, canvas

Description of the Artwork “Veiled Truth”

Automatic translation

2016, canvas, oil, inlay, 60x50

About the artist

Kristina Snigur «Drawing Reality By My Dreams» Kristina Snigur is a Ukrainian artist and songwriter, was born in 1989 in Ternopil, western Ukraine. In 2015, was the first exhibition of Christina's works called "The Soul Evolution ". This exhibition was the beginning of a great creative project. Іt was the birth of the brand also. Since then, there have been 4 exhibitions-auctions that have sold more than 50 paintings by Christina. Her works are in private collections in 7 countries. "The Soul Evolution " is the path that each of us goes through. It's about cognition, dreams, acceptance, unity, the magic of the moment here and now, inspiration ... The canvases depict what can be felt, but difficult to describe. Life without emotions is impossible. At any time in our lives, a particle of positive emotions will bring us a moment of cool moods and smiles, and in difficult times - the right decisions. Every work of Christina is a concentrate of these emotions. In some interview, Christine said, "What's inspiring? Of course, love! In all its good manifestations. In the flash of colors with the first ray of sunshine... In the depths of the eyes that shows the innermost corners of the beautiful Soul ... In emotions that fill up to the top and overflow, cover on with a mad wave of inspiration»

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