Painting "Way to Myself" | Artist SAUL FRANKLIN COSTA DA SILVEIRA | Jose Art Gallery
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Way to Myself

“I was born in the city of São Paulo in a family that art is the way of life, I grew up in a sculpture studio and I was always present with my father Álvaro Franklin. I have many memories of this period, visits to art galleries, many conversations with artists, and my father producing his works in stone, from the prototype to the end. I have always observed the real nature of things, the objects around me, I have always been used to seeing things, from an analytical point of view. I developed this philosophical thinking with the experience of my childhood. My works show my fascination with colors and chemical mixtures that we can obtain with the different types of paints and materials. I build my work in layers like a “mason” plastering a wall. Each painting is a vestige of some actions, which in reality is my “negotiation” between the questioning that is in the brain and the matter. These facts create a certain expression, which ends up generating a new distressing state: “What can I do? What do I look for in my intellect? ” There are no plausible justifications for the interior and I also cannot value the idea much more than the artistic project itself, for this reason, the works individually do not have titles, I propose that we should analyze the results that are the counter-reaction of the matter, without failing to notice that each job is a page of my search for self-knowledge. I believe that a lot of wasting ink, a lot of thinking, maybe in the end I will be able to find a path that is the essence with regard to my artistic work. ”

Materials: acryl/canvas
Size:   90 W x 120 H x 4 D   cm
Year of creation: 2020
Style: Abstract
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$3,000 USD
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