Tree of life Drawing - Viktoriya Zagrebelnaya - Jose Art Gallery
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Tree of life

We all want to be happy. I read in Scripture about a future time when everyone's needs will be met and everyone will be truly happy. In the Book it was symbolically represented by "the tree of life, the fruits of which lead to eternal life, and the leaves for the healing of the nations." Inspired by this story, I created the painting "The Tree of Life". The picture is made in a decorative style, that is, in an abstract - realistic style. This bird of paradise tree is a product of my imagination and creative inspiration. It was born in an instant, as they say from under a pencil. As an artist, I set myself the task of making an interesting stylization, where a vibrant, diverse line of tone and dot harmoniously splits into lace, conveying the character of a tree. All the tree and birds are painted with acrylic gold and silver. Gold color is a symbol of appeasement of happiness. With every line of dots and strokes, I tried to fill this picture with the embodiment of happiness and peace. Grabbing a brush, I felt how peace and joy poured out of my heart and filled the canvas, because in fact I was painting a symbol of my happiness.

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Description of the Drawing "Tree of life":

Size45 W × 38.3 H × 2 D   cm
Year of creation2005
Genre Religious
Style Abstract
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$500 USD
Viktoriya Zagrebelnaya
From Viktoriya Zagrebelnaya , Ukraine
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