Technopocalypse 3D Art Painting by Dave Holt
Technopocalypse 3D Art Painting by Dave Holt
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Technopocalypse 3D Art

Dave HoltUnited States
Original artwork, 61×76.2 cm, 2019
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Characteristics of the Painting “Technopocalypse 3D Art”

Year of creation2019
Dimensions61 W × 76.2 H × 10.2 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsmixed method, wood
futuretechfuturisticmodern speciessurrealuniquesilvertechnologyeatartificialintelligence

Description of the Artwork “Technopocalypse 3D Art”

Sculpture: Acrylic, Clay, Metal, Resin, Paint on Wood. 3D Art. This work of art really jumps out of the wood canvas giving a 3D affect when viewed. The metallic silver colors add to the affect. Lots of strange biomorphic shapes related to AI - artificial intelligence processed convolutional neural network enhanced patterns throughout this piece. Signed and dated on the back.

About the artist
Dave Holt

Dave Holt, United States

I am an artist whose journey to self-discovery was as unique as it was profound. At 58, I experienced what many call the "dark night of the soul," a deep descent into depression accompanied by an overwhelming sense of loss. My health, professional, personal, and financial worlds collapsed, leaving me in a bleak void of darkness and despair, where my life seemed devoid of meaning or purpose. I felt utterly lost, lacking the energy and vitality to begin anew or find my place in the world, if such a place even existed for me. In this period of darkness, at a point where I contemplated ending my life, I stumbled upon my true calling. My life, filled with paranormal and supernatural occurrences, began to make sense. Among these experiences were encounters with UFOs and what seemed like basic interactions with them. These encounters created a confusing narrative in my mind, one that took me years to understand. During this time of chaos and darkness, strange symbols started to form in my mind, symbols that were both mysterious and irresistibly intriguing. On a night, at my lowest point, plagued by insomnia, driven by an unknown force, I found myself engaged in creating art. Without any previous interest, expertise, or training in art, I surrendered to this force, and the outcome was nothing short of miraculous. The art I created was a revelation, clearly showing that my creativity was being steered by something far beyond my conscious ability and understanding, something beyond anything I could consciously conceive or create. This moment started a new era in my life. When I could keep myself in a meditative, non thinking state, art flowed out of me. When my conscious, thinking, ego self returned, the artistic creativity would go away. My art became a conduit for expressing something transcendent, beyond myself and this world. The images I crafted hinted at extraterrestrial connections and unknown languages, suggesting origins not of this world. This wasn't just a newfound hobby; it was a deep connection to a universe far vaster and more incredible than I had ever envisioned. I felt like I was suddenly a part of an ancient tribe, given the opportunity to bring their knowledge, light and wisdom into this world through art. Today, I share my story and my art with the world, not merely as a personal tale of overcoming my own deep darkness, but as a beacon of hope and a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit. My experiences have taught me that even in our darkest hours, there are unseen forces and mysterious entities that can lead us to our true calling. I refer to this mysterious force as my Muse. My art narrates my awakening, a conversation with the unknown, delving into the mystical and magical realms of existence. It reflects my journey through the supernatural, inviting others to explore the immense, mysterious fabric of life. Through my stories and my art, I aspire to encourage others to embrace their unique experiences and to uncover the extraordinary potential that life offers.

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