Pavement #3 Sculpture - Simon Williams - Jose Art Gallery

Characteristics of the Sculpture “Pavement #3”

Year of creation2015
Dimensions100 W × 80 H × 10 D   cm
Type of artsculpture
MaterialsMixed method

Description of the Artwork “Pavement #3”

The Pavement Series explores the urban environment by focusing on the textures of the ground beneath our feet. JakBox offers a fresh perspective on parts of our environment which are normally overlooked, by casting with silicone a number of selected pavements in Camden. The selection of the pavements has been based on composition and texture, and the use of a matt black material has ensured that these components remain the focus of the works.

Pavement #3

Simon WilliamsUnited Kingdom
Original sculpture, 100×80 cm, 2015
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist
Simon Williams

Simon Williams, United Kingdom

JakBox is the brainchild of Simon Williams. Born in a Camden coffee shop in 2013, it functions as a “creative lab”. The ideas tested there have been accumulated over more than three decades, from the years of Simon’s architecture studies, which saw his foray into experimental performance art and award-winning pavement art, to his development and management of the long-established and highly respected graphic design studio, Feast Creative. JakBox’s first four years have been very productive. Many ideas have been mixed in the experimental pots and different processes tested. Each strand of work has had its own identity, defined by the process which has formed it; all have shared the mission of bringing to the world at large the ability to see what is all around them, but rarely noticed. It seems that nothing which exists in time and space is exempt from his curious examination, scrutiny and entertaining representation. Some of the presentations are brave, none is boring; some are thought-provoking or disturbing, none is without impact on the viewer. The outcomes of Simon’s experiments with process are often, completely accidentally, quite beautiful; all are intriguing. Similarly joyful are the products of his curiosity and adventurous use of the most unlikely materials. In JakBox, he is establishing his home in the art world.

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