Molecule of happiness Painting by Vera Podkoritova - Jose Art Gallery
Molecule of happiness Painting by Vera Podkoritova - Jose Art Gallery
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Molecule of happiness – painting
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Characteristics of the Painting “Molecule of happiness”

Year of creation2020
Dimensions50 W × 50 H × 3 D   cm
Type of art painting
Style abstract
Genre interior
Materialsacrylic, cardboard

Description of the Artwork “Molecule of happiness”

Automatic translation

Happiness is inherent in each of us, and each of us has a lot of Happiness molecules. they are all multi-colored. Each has its own color combination, each has its own color of Happiness. This picture shows only one of the possible Molecules of Happiness and it radiates solar happiness.

Molecule of happiness

Original artwork, 50×50 cm, 2020
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist

Creative biography I have permanent artistic bursts in my life. Bursts are wonderful moments in which discoveries occur, new feelings come, new emotions, new realizations. I compare them to waves. The new wave is very bright; it brought a feeling and understanding of the energetic essence of everything that exists in the world: events, emotions. Each manifestation has its own energetic component. It is this component that I want to show in my paintings. I called this painting style - Quantum Impressionism - and I refer all my works to it. I think I am the founder of this trend. I will explain the name in more detail - "quantum" - means energetic, occurring at the level of molecules, atoms, "impressionism" - impression, emotion I am happy to share my impressions with you ... What is Quantum Impressionism These are pictures showing, revealing the energy component of the world, its structure, its processes. Every event, every sensation, every movement in this world has an energy component.