The Fly Drawing - Arna Logard - Jose Art Gallery
The Fly Drawing - Arna Logard - Jose Art Gallery
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Characteristics of the Drawing “The Fly”

Year of creation2016
Dimensions50 W × 70 H × 2 D   cm
Type of artdrawing

Description of the Artwork “The Fly”

Automatic translation

The film is inspired by the film The Fly, directed by David Cronenberg, released in 1986. The tape tells the story of a genius scientist who invented a teleport camera. But due to the fact that once a fly accidentally got into a teleport, he joined with her into a single being and gradually turned into a monster. The work symbolizes the modification of a person under the influence of individual experience. And let the result of this experience was the transformation into a fly and the complete suppression of the human essence, but this modification is the most beautiful thing that happened in his life. Materials: Canvas on a wooden stretcher Acrylic paints Dimensions: width: 50 cm, height: 70 cm

The Fly

Arna LogardUkraine
Original drawing, 50×70 cm, 2016
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist
Arna Logard

Arna Logard, Ukraine

I am a Ukrainian artist, I draw under the pseudonym of Arna Logard. Favorite styles - abstractionism and decorative painting. I hope my worldview will give you new emotions.

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