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Preparing work for shipping

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In most countries, there are restrictions on the export and import of cultural property, so you need to prepare the necessary package of documents for artwork and pack it securely.

Possible transportation restrictions:
  • The age of the artwork - older than some years (for example, over 50 years old). Mandatory presence of an expert opinion;
  • Creation date - before a specific date (for example, before 1950). Mandatory presence of an expert opinion;
  • Estimated value - over a certain amount ($1,000...10,000). Postal services have a restriction on sending such valuables. You may also need to declare and pay taxes.

For works of contemporary art, the presence of an expert opinion is not necessary, however, in order to avoid unpleasant situations at customs control, we recommend ordering such an opinion for each work.
  • First, it will be an official document for the buyer, which confirms the authorship and value of the work.
  • Secondly, it will be an official document for regulatory authorities, which confirms that the work does not have exceptional cultural value and is not included in state registers.