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Change artwork status to “sold”

Ten tekst został przetłumaczony za pomocą oprogramowania do tłumaczenia maszynowego.
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We do not recommend removing a sold work of art from your list of works. Your potential buyers and other collectors need to know which works of art you have created, which ones have already sold, and which ones are still available. Just change the artwork status to “Sold”.

To do this, go to your “Profile”, go to the "Artwork gallery" section, click on the image of the work you want to change. Below the photo on the right, click the symbol and select “Edit”. At the bottom, select the “Sold” option and click “Save”. After changing the option from “For Sale” to “Sold”, a diagonal border will appear around the image of the work with the inscription: “Sold”.

You can also use the “Manage Artwork” feature. In the “Availability” section, change the option to “Sold” and click “Save”.

Please note that sold works cannot participate in the Contest.