Художник Vira Hlamazda

Vira Hlamazda

Художник, Украина

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 30 января 2021 года
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Was born on April 19, 1990 in Ukraine, in a family of artists. Studied at Specialized School No. 1 in Lutsk, Ukraine. After school I graduated Volyn College of Culture and Arts named after I.F. Stravinsky where studied arts and crafts. I painted for ...
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Luxembourg Art Prize 2021 Ukraine,in the VONSKHU Art Gallery young volyn, autumn salon 2017 Coffee House ,, Caffeine, Lutsk Ukraine 2015 Palace of Culture of Lutsk city, charity evening ,, I dream ,, The charity e ...
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Education Volyn College I.F. Stravinsky 2005-2009 and 5 years of study at a Ukrainian talented artist 2009-2014
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