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Marina Gorbachova

Художник, Грузия

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О художнике Marina Gorbachova

Marina Gorbachova is an artist from Ukraine, who began her journey in art from different styles of painting, one of which is abstract art ., Marina Gorbachova is an artist who also writes plein air painting from life, everyday simple things, still lifes of flowers, painting from life is one of the areas of work . Art has been a big part of her life for many years, and she spent those years practicing her craft and learning new techniques.Lately, she’s been painting on canvas using oil paints. Though these oil are her current focus, she still love to experiment with other styles and painting methods because for she art is a journey and she always evolving, learning, and getting inspired by new things. She make experiments with oil and acrylic ,sometimes mix it in her artworks . She use a variety of techniques most commonly oil ,acrylic. She preferred motifs are abstraction , pop art , fashion art ,landscape ,abstraction in dark minimal style . Marina in 2006 began studying at the School of Arts of Ukraine,and constantly took part in various art projects and exhibitions. Her favourite artists are Pierre Soulages, Mark Rothko and Salvador Dali.

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“Art is magic , when you create new picture, you create new life “


2019 December Georgia Batumi -solo exhibition,” Abstract Faces “ 2021:July Georgia Batumi - solo exhibition, demonstrating she continued growth as an artist.


On\Offline School SKVOT, Ukraine - Contemporary art

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