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Lena Smirnova

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I paint therefore I am. I believe that art should be provocative. Things are not what they seem they are - this is a major motto in my works. I take my art seriously but I do not take myself seriously in art. When an onlooker smiles looking at one of my large canvasses or at a small caricature on paper, then I know that the goal is achieved: Yes - one more smile in the world! I am represented by two art galleries in Denmark, and usually exhibit at annual art festivals 2-3 times a year.

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  • Участник сообщества с 02 января 2024 года
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I paint - therefore I am.


Denmark, Odense, Kunstgalleriet, June 2023 Denmark, Odense, Kunstgalleriet, October 2023 Denmark, Randers, Norhald Art Society, November 2023


No formal education except 2 PhD in Mech. Eng., autodidact artist.

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