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Jure Kralj

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 16 ноября 2018 года
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AS a photographer I started in late 2013 when I bought my first camera. Since then I can separate it from it. In last year I started to shoot Art photos, not just landscapes and architecture. Since that decision, I grow up as an artist and my mentali ...
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Festival Lent 2014 - Explore the city (Maribor, Slovenia) Group exhibition Styrian Technology park 2014 - Maribor (Maribor, Slovenia) Solo exhibition MKC Pekarna 2015 - Me (Maribor, Slovenia) Solo exhibition Velenje Park 2016 - Pixels of my world ...
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I personally do not possess final profession because I ended gymnasium and later did not finish Civil Engineering University. But I find that this even does not fit for me. I am too flexible and love freedom too much that be locked in the office for ...
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