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My name is Ed Schaap, I was born in Sittard, Limburg, Netherlands in 1965. As a child, I already showed a penchant for fantasy and science fiction movies and series that were shown on television at the time. Especially around the time movies like Star Wars and Alien came out, I was fascinated and fascinated by this unknown world. As for the art that I create, I have to say that I have been influenced and inspired by certain artists and concept artists, but over time I have found my own way. The works that I create are, as a rule, subjects from history, myths and legends, as well as things from everyday life. I give my own vision. In the beginning I used an airbrush. At a certain point, I started to miss a few things in my work. While experimenting with the combination of brush and airbrush, I realized that the painterly effect of brushwork was the missing element in my work. With these two components together in my recent work I find the result satisfactory. Despite this result, I also started painting with oils. Here a completely new world opened up for me, for example, the colors obtained with oil paint are almost impossible to create with acrylic paint.

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Dream on... sleep on.


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Cumulus the Maastricht (Netherlands). Eindhovense school Saint Lucas graphic school the Eindhoven (Netherlands).

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