Художник Akpet Nyambi

Akpet Nyambi

Художник, Нигерия

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О художнике Akpet Nyambi

Akpet Nyambi (born August 24, 1974) is a Nigerian visual artist, voice-over artist, actor and musician. He has been described as an artist whose work is focused on spontaneous realism, life forms and art story telling. He has collaborated with some Nigerian artist to host exhibitions and shows that promote art within the Lagos space.

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Everything became canvas!


He has teamed up with artist in the Wattcentral art gallery in a small town, Calabar, to host an art show that helps to feed displace children in Bakasi, Collaborated with a group of Artist called "Calabar Artist" to host an Exhibition tagged REDEMPTION. The December 2020 Sylvascreen Exhibition in Leƙki, Lagos was another beautiful show he was part of. Exhibited my work in Banditto Residency exhibition contest 2020 in Tuscany, italy •Wattcentral art gallery exhibition, •Calabar Artist Art Exhibition •Van Gogh Museum at Amsterdam in 2019 and •Sylvascreen Art Exhibition. •Banditto Residency Exhibition contest 2020 in Tuscany, Italy.


As a child, he wanted to study fine art but due to his parents low encouragements, he eventually studied Sociology from the University of Calabar in Nigeria. Then joined an online art course to improve his artistic interest.

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