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Artysta Arindam Paul

Arindam Paul

Artysta, Indie

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O artyście Arindam Paul

I am Arindam Pal, I live in Dum Dum, West Bengal, India, I have been interested in painting from a very young age, so painting has become my life partner along with Education. I have been painting professionally since 1998. I have had the opportunity to learn from many good painters in my life. If you are interested in customized painting, please get in touch. Hope I will can satisfy you. Painting is a medium, as an artist, I work hard to create a painting that brings joy to every moment of my life and I float in a dream world. Art for me is a very essential part of an artist's daily art practice, it is pure, stimulating and sensitive too. My concern is environmental issues. In the current scenario, rapid urbanization, water scarcity, disappearing forests are very symbolically reflected in my work. Concerns are arising due to natural environmental disturbances by humans which are affecting our weather, agriculture, nature etc. I like to experiment with my drawings using different mediums and materials. Through my drawings and paintings I try to evoke the feelings and emotions of every human being in a mundane life. My paintings are simple and communicate to ordinary people instantly the issues we face every day.

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I do any type of painting and any type of Old Master painting, abstract painting you will find with me for your requirement. Hope you will be satisfied. Thank You...


I have participated in many types of art competition, art festival, exhibition in Academy of Fine arts (kolkata), Nandan art gallery (kolkata) etc.


Diploma of Fine Arts

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