Картина "The Boys-Innocence Lost”" | Художник Marius van Niekerk | Jose Art Gallery
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The Boys-Innocence Lost”

This work is the centre piece of the Triptych "The Boys-Innocence Lost”, inspired from photographs I took working with newly arrived war-refugee children, of a Swedish boy (picture left) and an Iraqi war-refugee boy (picture right) that arrived in Sweden and the difficulty of integrating in a new culture, climate. Their naked/nudity reflect vulnerability, frustration and lost innocence, an escaping armed shadow reflecting both past and possible future.

Материалы: акрил/пастель
Размер:   165.5 В x 125.5 Ш x 4 Г   cm
Год создания: 2018
Оригинальная работа, доступна в 1 экземпляре
2 109 $ USD
От Marius van Niekerk , Португалия
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