Картина "TOTEM ZEBRA" | Художник Lara Zhuravska | Jose Art Gallery
Картина "TOTEM ZEBRA" | Художник Lara Zhuravska | Jose Art Gallery
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The zebra is a highly controversial totem. A wild animal that never trades in the freedom that belongs by right of nature. The first inviolable value is freedom of movement. The symbolism of black and white stripes is stunning in its depth and richness. There is rebirth, good and evil, yin and yang, equality and balance etc. What are the basic laws of totem: Cult of personality and individualism, be unique. In the end, it is the distinctive traits that will remember you The duality of the world: there is no black and white in the world. Life is only worth living if you are free. Love as long as it does not violate freedom. Love is a beautiful feeling as long as it doesn't restrict your freedom.

Материалы: смешанная техника/бумага
Размер:   42 В x 59 Ш x 1 Г   cm
Год создания: 2021
Оригинальная работа, доступна в 1 экземпляре
800 $ USD
От Lara Zhuravska , Франция
Ключевые слова: totemzebrazebraanimalsymbolism
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