Картина "The EAGLES NEST" | Художник Thomas Dellert | Jose Art Gallery
Картина "The EAGLES NEST" | Художник Thomas Dellert | Jose Art Gallery
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A satirical kitsch collage based on original klippings and artefacts from Berchtesgaden and Villa Berghof Adolf Hitler's home in the Austrian alps. This mythological place that had so . much beauty around it and that was the center for so much evil and destruction is today totally erased from the earth. Good in one way not to create a shrine for neo nazis, sad in another way as we need to be reminded of what has happened in order to try to prevent it from happening again. It should have been saved as a museum of evil that looked beautiful and seductive on the outside. Just as the NSDAP movement itself. This artwork contains a beer bottle from the cafe that today is at the top of the mountain with the powerful nickname The Eagles nest. It also contains plastic bubbles with water and snow with the same mountain, and a real dried and pressed Edelweiss flower, two heads of dears, and a flower drawing and invitation card signed Adolf Hitler. The artwork is crowned by a handcrafted eagle. and framed by birch wood from the wood on the hillside of the mountain. An hour drive from Salzburg.

Материалы: смешанная техника/дерево
Размер:   70 В x 50 Ш x 20 Г   cm
Год создания: 2012
Оригинальная работа, доступна в 1 экземпляре
2 980 $ USD
От Thomas Dellert , Италия
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