Картина "Intro rojo azul 20" | Художник Antonio Camba | Jose Art Gallery
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Intro rojo azul 20

Art Work done in Spain in 2017 of the series "Intro", where the artist works in an intuitive way combining form and color. Expressing the sensations and emotions of its rich and complex inner world, difficult to describe with words. A work that provides energy and vitality, playing with the different shapes and planes of color. A work full of passion and desire for life after experiencing the death of loved ones very closely. Magic worlds connects with codes of light and color that will make you travel to unsuspected places. Acrylic painting on canvas 20 x 20 cm.

Материалы: акрил/холст
Размер:   20 В x 20 Ш x 3 Г   cm
Год создания: 2017
Оригинальная работа, доступна в 1 экземпляре
250 $ USD
От Antonio Camba , Испания
Ключевые слова: artpaintingexpresionismcontemporaryartcolor
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