Картина "Dugong" | Художник Nadya Korotaeva | Jose Art Gallery
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This artwork fr om my series abstract painting «Inspired by music». Series "Inspired by music" There is abstract painting. Painting without symbols. There is abstract music. Music without words. There is something boundless, immense, incomprehensible in this world but you can feel it in your body, mind and heart. An endless source of life and creativity. This is freedom. And it can not be limited or defined by words, it can not be depicted by visual symbols. This series of abstractions is all about freedom. I was inspired by the deepest, most unique music I’ve ever heard. Music that sends your soul to different worlds, wh ere I was at one with myself and completely free. Each artwork is named after the musical composition that inspired it. This is my first experience of «visualizing sounds». Abstraction has become for me something more than just a combination of beautiful spots. I hope you will hear my painting, immerse yourself in a certain mood, go to other worlds, feel freedom. P.s. music by Cellomano.

Материалы: масло/холст
Размер:   56.69 В x 55.12 Ш x 0.20 Г   in
Год создания: 2018
Оригинальная работа, доступна в 1 экземпляре
3 750 $ USD
От Nadya Korotaeva , Индонезия
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